Monday, March 8, 2010

March Goals Update

I have been doing great with my March goal of coming up with an extra $500. When I first started this last week I didn't think I had anything to sell. Now I am really motivated to find more items to sell. My poor dh is worried he will come home from work and all of his stuff will be sold. LOL!

In the last week I have come up with the following extra money:

$1.98 - check for credit balance remaining when we closed Discover card
$15.00 - extra money from "rounding up" in checking account
$5.90 - Opinion Outpost Check
$2.26 - check for credit balance remaining when we closed Sears card
$10.00 - sold bracelet
$12.00 - sold cookbook
$12.00 - sold cookbook
$25.00 - underbudget on groceries
$20.00 - Longaberger Basket
$85.00 - DH's Paintball Gun #1
$8.00 - video game


Pending Snowflakes:
TrueBlood Season 1 - $20
DH's Paintball Gun #2 - $80
Inbox Dollars Check - $28


  1. Great job! Its amazing what we can find to sell if we really look through all our stuff!

  2. That's awesome! We're selling stuff too, or giving it away on the free section of CL to try and clean out before we move. So far I've sold an old iPod dock for the classic iPod (we have iPod touches), a baby gate, 3 PS2 games, a DVD TV set, and tomorrow I'm selling our kitchen cart that i LOVE but won't work in our new apartment. isn't it great to clean out and make a few extra bucks too?!