Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lowering Your Grocery Bill Without Coupons - ALDI

The key to being able to cut our grocery bill from $125/wk to $60/wk has been Aldis. They have the lowest prices on almost every item I buy. My family has been happy with the quality of all the items we have bought there.

A couple tips for first time Aldi shoppers:
1. Bring a quarter for your cart. When you bring your cart back to the cart corral you get your quarter back. (This is my kid's favorite part of the trip - putting your quarter into the slot to unlock your cart and returning the cart and getting their quarter back.

2. Bring your own bags. You can also purchase paper bags for .05 each at the checkout. I use a really nice and large size reusable bag I bought from Aldi.

3. For payment they only accept cash or debit card. No checks or credit cards are accepted.

Here is a price list for some items I buy at Aldi. I cannot guarantee that every Aldi has the exact same price but prices should be similiar.

*I will add to this list as I purchase items and can get the price.

Whole Chicken .79/lb
1 lb. Frozen Ground Turkey 1.19
14.5 oz. diced tomatoes .49
6 oz. tomato paste .39
8 oz. tomato sauce .25
15 oz. canned spinach .59
Canned vegetables .59
Cream of Mushroom/Chicken Soups .69
Frozen Juices .89
1 pint heavy whipping cream 1.59
Cereal 1.79-1.99 per box
26 oz. dog biscuits .99
2 ply paper towels .65/single roll
Quart Half n Half 1.99
Dozen Eggs .99
32 oz. plain Yogurt 1.59
24 oz. cottage cheese 1.99
Cooking Spray (similar to Pam) 1.29
1 lb. peanuts 1.99
15 oz. raisins 1.49
Chocolate Chips 1.69
48 oz. canola oil 2.19
Butter 1.79
16 oz. sour cream .89
8 oz. baking cocoa 1.49
Saltines .89
Graham Crackers 1.39
5 lb. Sugar 1.79
5 lb. All Purpose flour 1.55
2 lb. Powdered Sugar 1.29
8 Qt Dry Milk Powder 5.99
Limes .29 each
Lemons .29 each
Fresh Bela Mushrooms 1.59
Fresh Snow Peas 1.49
Cucumbers .49 each
Bananas .39/lb.
3 lb. oranges 1.39
2 lb. seedless grapes 1.98
Fresh Pineapple 1.99
Head of Lettuce .99
Gallon Milk 2.29

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