Sunday, February 28, 2010

Target / Walmart aka The Budget Busters

Have you ever planned to stop at Target or Walmart for one or two items only to find yourself with a cartful of items being pushed to your car and $100 gone?

This happened to me every week for years. When we were trying to cut expenses I knew these trips would have to stop. There are several things I have done to help me reduce the money I spend in both stores.

1. I stay out of the stores if I am only needing a few items. I will get that item at a grocery store, dollar store, or even a gas station. I might pay more for the one item I do buy but I am saving money in the long run by doing this. It saves me the temptation of filling my cart full of items I do not need.

2. If I do go to Target or Walmart it is a planned trip and I bring a list of items I need to buy. If it is not on the list I do not buy it! I also set myself a budget and bring cash.

With these two changes I have been able to go from spending $100-$150 per week to less than $100 per month.

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