Thursday, February 11, 2010

Walgreens 101

Shopping at Walgreens can save you alot of money on Health and Beauty items.

Here are some examples of ways to save at Walgreens.


These coupons can be combined with MQ's (manufacturer coupons)or IP's. (internet printables) Also you only need one Walgreens coupon no matter how many of that product you buy. For example if a coupon states Twizzlers .99. You can buy 2 Twizzlers and you will only need one coupon. The register will automatically deduct the price for both Twizzlers when the coupon gets scanned. So in this scenario:

You have 2 MQ for Twizzlers that say .50 off 1 Twizzlers. You purchase two packs of Twizzlers. The Twizzlers are scanned at regular price ($2.59 each). You hand the cashier your two MQ's and the your one Walgreens 7 day coupon. The 7 day coupon will deduct $1.60 off each bag of Twizzlers, making your total $1.98. Your MQs get scanned which deducts another $1.00 off your total. Your total will be .98 plus tax.


In every weekly ad Walgreens does specials "When you buy $15.00 of the following products receive $5.00 back in register rewards (RR) for your next shopping purchase. Or Buy 10 items receive $5.00 back in RR.


Dimetapp Cough Syrup
$3.99 each
RR deal- Buy 2, Get $5 - Buy 3 - Get $10

I have (qty 3) $3 MQ to use so this is what I will do.
3 x 3.99 = 11.97
-$3.00/1 (x3)9.00
Total Out of Pocket: $2.97 + tax
I will get a $10 RR.

The RR prints off a catalina machine near the register. They are considered a manufacturer coupon. You can not do the same deal twice in one transaction and get two of the same RR's. If you have a $10 RR from buying Dimetapp you cannot use it to pay for Dimetapp in another transaction and get another RR.

Since a RR (Register Reward) is considered a manufacturer coupon you have to make sure you more items than coupons. For example you want to buy 3 items and you have a MQ for each of the items. If you want to use a RR to pay for your items you now are using 4 coupons. So you need to add something else to your order so you have 4 items. I usually will buy something really inexpensive like a pencil. This extra item(s) you need to buy are referred to as fillers.

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