Sunday, February 28, 2010

March Goals

For March I have a few goals I want to meet. At first my goal was to add $500 to our emergency fund. I was planning on doing this by doing some surveys, selling on craiglist, squeezing the heck out of my grocery budget, and coming underbudget on our utilities. Now it looks like the $500 will go to finishing our living room remodel. Dh has decided he is tired of living in a half finished living room (which is great he is motivated!-we just need to make sure no purchases go on a credit card).

My normal grocery budget right now is $70 per week and I go every two weeks. (In summer I can usually be around $55-$60 when having a garden.) Last time I shopped was February 19 and I spent $150 (yes a little overbudget). I was planning on going shopping again March 5 but my sister in law has challenged me to try to make it another week.

So my next shopping trip is tentatively planned for March 12. (Except for milk and fresh produce). I am hoping to be below budget and put that extra into savings for the month. I also cancelled our twice monthly Schwan's delivery so that will also go into our savings account.

Also our electric bill has been running $150 per month. For the first time I am trying to air dry our clothes. The plan is to not use the dryer this month (only exclusion is towels and jeans drying for 5-10 minutes). It will be tough but I want to see how much money we will save on our electric bill. We are also going to be diligent about shutting lights off and the computer off at night.

My motto in March will have to be "every little thing counts". It is going to be a challenge - Hmmm is it April yet? :0)

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